The Importance of Infection Control in a Post COVID World

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, infection control in healthcare settings has never been more crucial. We’ve gained a sobering understanding of how rapidly infectious diseases can spread, prompting healthcare professionals to be extra vigilant about hygiene protocols, particularly in hospitals, nursing homes, and home health settings where the stakes are high.

One significant concern is the risk of cross-contamination, particularly in the use of shared facilities such as commodes. Cross-contamination can lead to the rapid spread of disease, jeopardizing the health of patients and healthcare providers alike. So, how do we address this threat effectively?

Risks of Cross Contamination & Spills

Healthcare environments are breeding grounds for various microbes, posing a constant threat of infection. Shared facilities, like commodes, are potential hotspots for pathogen spread. An overlooked spill or a lapse in cleaning protocol can turn these sites into launchpads for disease transmission.

In addition, spills not only risk infection but also pose hazards like slips and falls. Both are particularly concerning in elderly care facilities, where inhabitants are vulnerable to serious injury and disease.

Cleanwaste’s Approach to Infection Control

Cleanwaste Medical, committed to medical waste solutions, offers innovative solutions backed by extensive research and testing. A clinical study titled “Determination of Efficacy of Sterile Barrier Bags Against Microbial Challenges” concluded that the tested sanibags offered a ≥ 99.99% microbial barrier performance. Simply put, Cleanwaste’s Sani-Bag+® can effectively improve cross-contamination prevention.

In addition to their clinical study, Cleanwaste has published a white paper titled “Avoiding the Problem of Commode Cross Contamination: An Economical and Time-Saving Strategy”. It underscores the importance of proactive healthcare infection control and presents an affordable and efficient approach to preventing commode cross-contamination.

Cleanwaste’s products are not just scientifically validated, but they also reduce the risk of spills, making cleaning more manageable and reducing potential hazards for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Take Action Today

We find ourselves in a world where proactive, reliable healthcare infection control is more important than ever before. Every measure we can take, every product we can utilize, can help make our healthcare settings safer for everyone involved.

Interested in seeing the efficacy of Cleanwaste’s Sanibags for yourself? We invite you to request a free sample through our website today. See first-hand how these barrier bags can simplify your infection control protocol, increase safety, and give you and your patients peace of mind in a post-COVID world.

With Cleanwaste Medical, you can trust in our science-backed solutions to help maintain the health and safety of your healthcare environment. Let’s tackle the challenge of medical waste protection together.

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