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Providing reliable & safe bathroom solutions since 1999.

Our Mission and Vision

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty and responsibility so that we can respect the Earth and ourselves. You can depend on us to bring you clean, safe, dignified solutions so you can go about your day with peace of mind. Wherever you go, we want to be there.

Cleanwaste Medical Story

Since 1999, our human waste disposal products have been used in military, outdoor and medical environments. We are passionate about providing patients with safe and dignified solutions whenever and wherever they need them.

Cleanwaste’s products protect medical professionals, caregivers, and their patients from contaminants in human waste and they save significant time compared to current procedures for hand cleaning and disinfecting bedpans and commodes. Workers can worry less about cleaning and sanitizing and spend more time caring for their patients, and patients retain their dignity.

Our products use NASA-developed technology to provide excellent protection against human waste-related illness and prevent contamination from spills or splashes. Our waste control solutions turn liquids into solids, deodorize, control bacteria, and are easy to dispose of conveniently and safely.

Take a step toward a better bathroom experience.

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