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01 What is the GO anywhere toilet kit® (WAG BAGs®) and how many are included with the toilet or GO anywhere complete system®?

The WAG bags® and their packaging are made with a proprietary blend of polymers and a starch derivative. There are two bags – one waste collection bag pre-loaded with Poo Powder® gelling and deodorizing agent (used to encapsulate liquid and solid waste), and a sturdy zip lock disposal bag to secure and transport waste. Toilet paper and a lemon-based wipe are also included.These bags are safe to dispose in normal trash. Just use it, seal it, and toss it!One WAG bag® is included per GO anywhere portable toilet®, fifteen WAG bags® are included in the GO anywhere complete system®.

02 How many uses per GO Anywhere Toilet Kit®?

There is enough gelling powder to gel 32 ounces (946.35 ml) or 3 –4 uses. This is a personal choice/decision; the gel keeps on working until fully saturated, and must be activated by a liquid to properly encapsulate the solid waste. The toilet’s lid can be placed on the toilet over used bags to keep out insects. Extra toilet paper and hand wipes may be needed. You may also want to consider purchasing a canister of Poo Powder® waste treatment and sprinkling a little on top of the waste between uses.

03What is the environmental impact from Cleanwaste products?

A starch derivative is added to our bags so they break down quickly under land fill conditions. In addition, all of our products are non-toxic and non-hazardous to reduce the impact on our environment.

04What is Poo Powder?

Poo Powder® is a proprietary blend of a NASA-developed super-absorbent designed to gel and encapsulate liquid and solid waste, and a natural deodorizing agent and decay catalyst. Poo Powder® is non-toxic and odorless; however, if it comes in contact with eyes, flush with water immediately. If ingested, administer large amounts of water. Do not flush in a working toilet.

05What is the shelf life on Cleanwaste products and what is the proper storage?

Our bags are guaranteed for 3 years. If kept in a clean, dry, moisture free environment they will last much longer. Many customers tell us that their bags last up to 10 years when stored properly.

06Do you have a Clinical Study for the Sani Bag?

Yes, we do – Click Here

07How much waste can the Sani-Bag+® absorb?

It can absorb 32 ounces of liquid or solid waste.

08What healthcare facilities use the Sani-Bag+®?

The Sani-Bag+® is used in

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospice
  • Memory Care Facilities
  • Behavioral Health Facilities
  • Government Healthcare Facilities
09What is the ROI of the Sani Bag?

The monthly cost of outfitting Bedpans and Bedside Commodes with a Sani Bag is far less than one HAI that could be acquired during in that timespan.

10How can the GO Anywhere Complete System® be used for Emergency Medical Preparedness?
  • To keep insects out, you can place the lid on the toilet over used bags.
  • The GO Anywhere Complete System® includes 15 WAG BAGS®
  • The powder can gel 32 ounces (946.35 ml) or 3-4 uses. This is a personal choice. The gel keeps working until fully saturated, but in order to properly encapsulate solid waste, it must be activated by liquid.
11How many uses can you get out of one Sani-Bag?

Cleanwaste Sani-Bags will hold up to 32 ounces of liquid (Urine), that is usually 3-4 uses depending on the customer and their evacuation.

If you defecate (Feces), we recommend using the Sani-Bag once.

12Will Sani-Bags fit in all toilets?
  • Sani-Bags will fit in most standard and bariatric size commodes and bedpans.
  • Sani-bags will not fit on elongated toilets.
13Will the Sani-Bag get rid of the waste smell?

The Poo Powder® in the Sani-Bag has a deodorizing agent added to the absorbent which will cut down on the smell of the waste.

14Will the Sani-Bag protect against the spread of disease?

Yes, since you are not coming into contact with the waste the Sani-Bag delivers a 99.9% barrier and prevents cross-contamination against diseases such as and similar to E. coli, C.diff, MRSA.

15How do I dispose of Sani-Bag?

After use, carefully roll top of bag towards adhesive strip, then dispose of the liner in regular waste container

Sani-bags are approved for all landfills in the Continental US, much like an Adult diaper.

16What happens if I come in to contact with the Poo Powder from the Sani-Bag?

The Poo Powder is nontoxic and non-hazardous

Wash your hands in hot soapy water thoroughly

17How do I clean up the Poo Powder if I spill it out of the Sani-Bag?

The absorbent when wet is slippery, take care as to not slip when cleaning it up. Since the waste is solidified sweep it up and throw in the trash, then proceed to sanitize the area just as you would if Urine or Feces were to be spilled, with bleach or Clorox.

If it is dry just sweep it up and dispose in the trash, do not put it down your drains, as an absorbent it will expand when wet and could clog your drains.