How to Reduce HAIs: Introducing SaniBag+ Powered By Microban

HAI reduction is a major initiative across the acute care landscape. The new Sani-Bag+ with built-in antimicrobial technology by Cleanwaste Medical and Microban allows everyone to upgrade their healthcare facility’s waste management systems effortlessly with this new standard of care product.

Cleanwaste Medical Sani-Bag+

The Sani-Bag+ contains a NASA pioneered innovative gel technology featuring deodorizing agents and antimicrobial properties to combat cross-contamination. Known as NASA Gel Polymer, this technology solidifies liquids into solids, mitigating splashes and minimizing contact with human waste to lower the risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI).

Remarkably, it absorbs human waste faster and more efficiently than any other product available, ensuring both safety and cost-effectiveness. Once used, the liner can be disposed of in regular waste containers as it is landfill-safe.

Above all, it stands out as the only commode liner supported by a clinical study, underscoring its efficacy and reliability.

Microban Technology and the benefits of built-in Microban antimicrobial technology?

Continuously safeguarding against detrimental stains and the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria, this product incorporates Microban protection, which permeates microorganism cell walls, disrupting their functions and hindering growth and reproduction.

Notably, this defense remains active throughout the entire lifespan of the product, ensuring sustained efficacy without washing off or wearing away over time.

This long-lasting protection offers reassurance against bacterial growth and associated odors, providing enduring cleanliness and freshness.

By combining these two technologies you have both deodorizing and antimicrobial properties through all product components making it the ideal solution for reducing HAI in your facilities personal waste management protocols.

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